How to get Whiter Teeth in 3 days + GIVEAWAY

This year I was in several weddings, and I do photo shoots often, so I really wanted my smile to look as good as possible.
One of the biggest struggles for me, though, is tooth sensitivity. With whitening strips I almost always have tooth pain (mostly when drinking something cold), and with Smile Brilliant I didn’t experience that at all because of the desensitizing gel (a godsend).
(PS the company is not paying me for this post, they sent me their product in exchange for an honest review, so I got you girl- or boy 😉)
My favorite thing about the teeth whitening kit is that the tray for the whitening gel is perfectly shaped to your teeth.
This made the biggest difference to me, because to be completely honest, I can get my teeth decently white with strips alone (if I can stand the sensitivity), but because my teeth aren’t completely straight, I almost always struggle with getting between my teeth.
Here’s how it works.
1) they send you the molding clay
2) you take impressions of your teeth and send it back to the lab so that they can ship back your customized whitening trays
3) you apply the gel into the tray made just for you and voilà! White teeth!
This teeth whitening gel is no joke. It’s the same percentage of peroxide as you would get in a dentist office! I seriously noticed a difference after only 3 days (and so did my husband!).
Definitely impressed with this brand. Check out: what to know before whitening your teeth.
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