Best natural deodorant + skincare

You guys, I’ve hit a gold mine. I finally found an all natural deodorant that actually works.

When I saw this Schmidt’s deodorant at Target, I was excited but also skeptical. I’ve tried many, many natural deodorants, and have even made my own in the past, but have had no successes (and even sometimes experienced rashes/reactions/redness) until I found this.

I have nothing but good things to say for the past month I’ve been using it. No matter what your reasoning is for wanting to steer away from the traditional route, whether it ‘s believing the studies that link the antiperspirant aluminum to breast cancer and alzheimers, or knowing that your body needs to sweat to detoxify, or finding that traditional deodorants stop working for you after a while, this one is a keeper.

I’ve even been getting frequent comments about how good I smell since I started using it (I use the bergamot + lime, and it smells amazing).  

Along with the natural deodorant, I thought I’d share some of my other favorite all natural skincare/beauty products.

If you like to stay hydrated and love the smell of vanilla, this Camp skincare vanilla moon body oil  and Burt’s Bees vanilla bean lip balm are the best. I use the body oil on my arms and legs when I want a subtle glow to my skin and I like how quickly it sinks in. 

For my skincare, I absolutely love Manuka Honey. It’s pricey and it may seem strange, but read some of the reviews on this product in Amazon and you’ll soon be sold on it’s amazing healing abilities. I like to use it as a face mask once a week or so to help heal any pimples. (I also sometimes mix in tea tree oil and cinnamon to help amplify the healing process)

Speaking of healing- this Ora Wellness heal thy mouth blend  is a mixture of essential oils that are meant to bring health and balance back to your teeth/gums. I use it on its own or shake a few drops onto my regular toothpaste and have found that it really helps keep my breath fresh.

 This Fig + Moss lip and cheek tint is stunning. It’s from the Etsy shop “Shop Among the Flowers” and is perfect for a makeup free day. It’s hydrating and has a super subtle color to it.

I also love the rose petal hydration mist from this brand and spritz it on under my moisturizer almost every day.

If you’re into natural products and want to support a beautiful small business, this is the way to go.

 For headache and stress relief, I love this roll-on oil from the Lavendar Cottage and Garden. I found it in a little shop in Georgia and am super happy to find they have an online store. 

What are some of your favorite all natural products/brands? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Aleya

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