What I wore in New Orleans

Over Spring Break my sisters and I went to New Orleans, Louisiana because neither of them had ever been! I wanted to pack outfits that were comfortable and warm, but still cute.

Usually when I’m looking for basic, staple pieces in my wardrobe, I look for things that make the clothing a little different. For instance, this first black sweater is from Garage, and it has a wide neckline and extra long sleeves that make it unique, even if it is subtle (not to mention the fabric is sooo soft!).

Day 1: Black sweater: Garage// Jeans: Zara// Boots: Shein// Earrings: Forever 21   

Wearing basic pieces also allows for your accessories to stand out a bit more. Here I’m wearing my cross body sequin bag and jacket earrings.

Day 2: Sweater: Forever 21// Jeans: Zara// Boots: Austin Thrift Store// Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters// Bralette: LuluLemon 

On day two I wore my faaaavorite leather boots that I found in a secondhand store in Austin. They look like they’d never been worn and have awesome embroidered fabric swatches on the sides. The tag said they were handmade in Guatemala, and the quality is amazing. (and I got them for $30! score!) 

I get questions about these glasses ALL. the time. They’re from Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 (I can’t remember which), and I haven’t been able to find them ever since. I look every time I go into either store, and they’re just not there anymore! sorry guys. (If you find them, though, get them! I’ve had them for about a year now and they’re such good quality for how inexpensive they were.


(Cafe Du Monde is a DREAM)         

What are your favorite places to visit in New Orleans?
I personally love the French Quarter and Jackson Square, where all the street artists and performers are.


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