Date ideas in Houston

First of all, there are so many amazing places in Houston that I’m thinking of opening a new segment on my blog where I try out new food/coffee/events etc. and write about them for you guys.

But today I’m highlighting the new Ron Mueck exhibit that’s up in the Museum of Fine Arts. It absolutely blew me away. If your significant other is into art, this is the exhibit to bring them to.

Victor and I went on a double date to this exhibit and loved it.

Mueck explains that his art is reflective of ordinary moments created larger or smaller than life-size in order to give the viewer a different perspective. Essentially, to get people to stop and soak in these every day scenarios and really consider their depth.

The painstaking detail he takes with every installation is breathtaking.

His art reflects vulnerability, age, fear, love, compassion, and beauty along with the mundane (or in spite of it). 

This baby girl is one of the largest pieces, “to reflect the enormity of the moment a new baby is born”. She has one eye slightly open to represent her first glimpse into consciousness. 

I actually walked through the exhibit twice this day to really take my time and find every nuance and read all of the descriptions.

I can’t recommend this exhibit highly enough. It really makes you stop and think and will definitely get conversation going.

Have you seen Mueck’s art before? Leave a comment below!

<3 Aleya

PS shoutout to my husband for taking all of these pictures! You da best.


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